Farming Farmsteads & Family

My farmer’s job requires such laboring hours that his “work schedule” is often sun up to sun down and a little in between, but maybe coming from a farming background gives me a small advantage to adjusting to his crazy work hours.

So whenever I get the chance I really enjoy working side by side with him. Whether it’s riding in the combine while he picks corn or hauling grain to his elevator in his family’s 1969 Ford. It’s those small chances to connect with each other outside of the house, even if I’ve had a long day at the office. But no matter what your situation is, I feel the big and small adjustments you make are the ones that help grow and make your family strong.


I would love to hear any tips or tricks you might have when trying to balance work and family life!

10 thoughts on “Farming Farmsteads & Family

  1. Thanks for the follow and welcome to blogging. Wait until you are trying to balance work, family and blogging! I have no tips on how to do a better juggling act except to remember that people are more important that most things. Let the little things slide and whenever you can, do the big things together with a smile.

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    1. Thank you! I’m very excited and hope my blog is the start of something really special. Your advice is very insightful! It’s nice getting some advice from someone whose been there done that.

      Thank you again!

      P.S. Your blog is very interesting! You seem to really enjoy what you do.

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  2. Life really is about finding yourself – discovering who you are and who you are not. There is no direct path. If you have a friend or partner (and a tagalong named Corn!) to share it with, all the better! I look forward to you discovering your niche in writing. The blogosphere is a grand place to meet supportive people from all walks of life.

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