Rise Out

It’s been about a week since opening day of deer season started and I unfortunately still haven’t got my trophy buck. My mom thought I was crazy that I was even going out with my wedding being only 2 weeks away! But hunting means more to me than just the obvious, it’s one of the few things my dad and I bond over. So I try to make it a priority to go out every year, even if I don’t succeed.

Usually, the week before I go over to my parents house to sight in my gun. The reason we sight in our guns is to make necessary adjustments so that both you and your gun are hitting the bullseye of the target.  The gun I use is a 223 Tikka. What’s interesting about Tikka guns is that they are produced in Sako, Finland, and are hands down the most accurate gun I’ve ever used. They are an experienced and reputable company that’s been producing gun components since 1918. So if you are in the market for a gun I would highly suggest taking a look at a Tikka!

This year opening day fell on November 12th, which was nice since it started earlier than last. So, the night before my fiance and I headed over to my parents house to help get things ready and prepare for the big hunt. Every year we stay up late talking with my parents of stories of past years and my dad gives us a pre-game speech on some of the bucks he’s seen in the area and the best places to sit. Where you sit, when hunting, is very important. Deer have an excellent sense of smell and hearing so being in the correct direction of the wind is vital.

Corn trying to help us get ready

My 5:30 a.m. alarm goes off, dad’s awake getting things ready while mom’s in the kitchen making cinnamon roles and hot chocolate. I roll out of bed, wake the fiance, and start getting ready. We make our way out around 6:15 a.m. and already my parent’s country road has turned into a highway. We drive about 2 miles to one of my dad’s farms and get all situated before first light. Please let me inform you on how warm it is outside….20 Degrees!! Thank goodness for the hot coco or I would have frozen my buns off! Now, it’s time to sit and wait for the sun and deer to wake. Around 7:00 a.m. its bright enough to see and finally I’m hoping to see some action. I wait…and wait…and wait…nothing. I start to wonder if I’ve done something wrong or maybe it’s just bad luck, but all I know it’s getting cold and I’m ready to head in. I look over at my fiance and I can tell he isn’t have any of it either. I signal to him 10 more minutes then we’ll head back. 10 minutes passed and we threw in the towel..the deer have one this round but I’d be back to hopefully win the next.

Starting to get light out

Like I said, I am still currently deerless but I plan on going out again,this Saturday to hopefully change that. In all honesty, yes I would like to get a trophy buck, but the true meaning of the hunt is to spend time with my family, and that to me is a win all by itself.

Can’t beat a view like this!



6 thoughts on “Rise Out

  1. I’m more of a gatherer and forager too, but my husband is a hunter. He’s hunting with crossbow this week, but tomorrow rifle season opens. He did not have luck with primitive firearms in October. It’s been slow down here in Oklahoma and the rut really just started last week.

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    1. We all would be a good balance to each other! I’ve always wanted to hunt with a crossbow..it’s on my bucket list! A few years ago, in my area, we hardly had any archery hunters, now, it seems to be the only thing people want to do! More of a challenge I guess

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