december 3rd 2016

Wow, feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted but I have a pretty good reason for my negligence, and that reason is…….I GOT MARRIED! Can’t believe it will be 2 weeks this Saturday since I said “i do” to my best friend. I’ve been planning my wedding for the past 10 months and in the blink of an eye, it was over. The days leading up, I was very calm and it felt like I was getting ready for someone else’s big day. The past 5 years I’ve been attending weddings as either a bridesmaid or an attendant. I always watched, with such envy, as my friends walked down the isle to their soulmate, and wished it was me.

The night before the wedding, at the rehearsal, we did a quick walk through and unfortunately I had a small break down. To let you all know, it takes a lot to stress me out, and 90% of the time I am a happy-smiley person, but for some reason something set me off. I walked out and went into a small study room and cried. There were a few things that may have contributed to the tears. My dad was deathly sick with the flu and couldn’t make it to rehearsal, the boys kept gabbing and wouldn’t be quiet, things felt a little unorganized (which drives me crazy) and my grandpa wasn’t going to be able to attend my wedding because he had fell trying to answer the phone and was having a hard time moving. After being gone for about 5-7 minutes I sucked it up, said a prayer, and told myself life isn’t perfect just make the most of this wonderful evening.

That night my sister and one of my best friends stayed at our house while my fiance stayed with one of his groomsmen. Hours passed as we stayed up late telling stories about the old days when all we did was drive around drinking Boones Farm. It was nice to catch each other up on everything that was currently going on in our lives outside of the wedding. My sister only lives an hour away and we talk everyday but, my best friend is a doctor in North Carolina and the distance from her kills me but it was so amazing having her by my side.

Again, I kept having the “is this really happening” feeling. It felt like I was living a dream and I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that I was getting married in 24 hours. Finally, after many many stories, we thought it was time to get some beauty sleep so we hit the hay.

My alarm went off at 7 am and I remember waking up thinking oh my gosh today I’m getting married! I won’t bore you with every little detail but here are some highlights of the day that make me smile.

Slipping into Maggie Sottero: I couldn’t wait to see what my dress looked like with my hair and make up all done. It was more perfect than I ever could imagine. To this day I want to wear it around the house, but I’m sure anyone driving by would think I’d lost my mind.

First look: Walking out to see my fiance for the first time brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. He looked so handsome that I couldn’t believe he was all mine.

Father daughter dance: Whenever my sister, my dad and I would ride horses we would always sing the song California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas. Well, I found a remix to the song by Sia, and it fit perfectly. My poor dad was so sick, but sucked it up long enough to dance with me. The song starts off slow and then takes off, so by the end of our dance he was sweating, but pulled it off. It’s a beautiful remix, so if you have the chance definitely listen to it.

The Cake: I was so excited about my cake. I told my cake lady that I was going to decorate the cake myself and she just needed to frost it. She thought I was crazy haha! I’d spent the past couple of days, rigorously, frosting and freezing cranberries. I wasn’t sure if the cranberries would hold up, but they just HAD to work, the whole cake depended on them!! I also added sprigs of rosemary for a garland effect. It turned out beautiful!

Besides it being freezing outside, our wedding turned out to be one of the best days of my life. I’m am so happy God blessed me with an amazing husband and wonderful family and friends.

Can’t wait to share my next post with you all…our honeymoon trip to Hawaii!



Mrs. Dainty Farmstead 😉



5 thoughts on “december 3rd 2016

  1. I am so thrilled for you…and this new adventure in your life! Your cake is beautiful… I hope we get to see a few more images of the event. You are a special girl… best wishes for a happy life with the Mr.!! (By the way, I’m addicted to cranberries drizzled with white chocolate!)


    1. Thank you so much!! I so look forward to your comments, because you always know what to say and know how to make someone feel good!! I will post some more pics as soon as the photographer sends me some! I can’t wait to see them and show you!!


  2. Hi Brittany– I’ve been waiting to have you back and hear about your wedding and I wasn’t disappointed! So fun to to read your ups and even a down. It sounds like it was a lovely day– with the people you love. And your cake is beautiful!! We did a similar thing when we were married 41 years ago. Had a bakery make a pain layered caked and my mom and I stacked strawberries up and down the layers. So– thanks for the fun post! And God bless you in all the exciting and wonderful years you have ahead together. I wish you so much joy… And– Merry Christmas!! hugs hugs.

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    1. Hi Rhonda! Thank you so much! It was an amazing day even with all the craziness! It’s nice to know you also had the same idea with your cake! Everyone thought I was crazy but it worked out perfect. I’m so excited to finally be married and get started on with a new chapter! God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family and especially to little miss Lois!


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