Honeymoon in Oahu

As I sit here snuggled up in my warm blanket with my furbaby Corn at my feet, I’m reminded of the 75 degree weather and sandy beaches I took for granted two weeks ago. As newlyweds my husband and I decided to take our honeymoon to Hawaii, and we loved it!

Here are some highlights and tips from our trip that might help you decide whether or not you’ll take your next vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii.

Plan Ahead: I booked our honeymoon back in July through AAA. They provided the Lodging + Flight which made it stress free and they offered some amazing prices! If you’re not a AAA member I would highly suggest becoming one!

img_3165Flight: We flew Delta from Omaha to Minnesota then to Minnesota to Honolulu. The flight from MSP to HNL was 9hrs! I prepared ourselves for the 9hr flight by packing Tylenol, NyQuil, Sudafed, Benadryl, all the good stuff that helps ease the flight. I also made sure to bring extra headphones, a neck pillow, and nintendo ds (just in case we got tired of watching movies). They also provided us with a delicious meal! Unfortunately, the one thing I didn’t prepare for was for someone to die on the plane. It was very sad, but this older gentleman had a heart attack in the bathroom 4 seats away from us. There were a couple of doctors on board, and after an hour and a half of trying to revive him there was nothing left for them to do. We were over the ocean when it happened, 3 hrs from L.A. and 3 hrs from Honolulu. They debated on turning around but since we were already half way there we continued. I’m not sure where they put him, but when we landed we couldn’t get off right away because officers and a medical team from Honolulu had to check it out.


Hotel: We stayed at the Hilton Waikiki Beach. It is a beautiful hotel with a very friendly staff. They gave us a few perks since it was our honeymoon, like free wifi, complimentary champagne, and a discount on dinner. The hotel also has a Starbucks, which was a personal perk! Since, the hotel wasn’t directly on the beach it was only a straight 3 minute walk down the sidewalk and boom your on Waikiki.

Restaurants: This was probably the most stressful part of the trip….where do we eat? We alternated on who picked lunch and who picked dinner.

  • Steak Shack: A little hole in the wall, but one of my top places to eat and it had the best price point! However, it was quite a jog from our hotel. I got the chicken plate and it was delicious!!
  • Buho: Ummmmm yea….my husband got the chili rehanos which was very good! I ordered the pork butt tacos…if you like the smell and taste of armpit then these are for you.
  • Pacific Garlic Shrimp: This little set up is outside of a hotel near the beach. It was pretty good and they give you a lot of food.
  • Teddy’s Bigger Burgers: We got there around 1:30pm and we still stood in line for 15-20min. They have really good burgers and fries however, there is limited seating and only 1 bathroom.
    Teddy’s Bigger Burger
  • Wood and Bucket: Not only was this place very delicious, the staff was so friendly and personable. After our meal the assistant manager talked to us for about 20 mins and she was so delightful. We really enjoyed her company!
  • Blue Ocean Seafood and Steak: A permanent food truck located right down the street from our hotel. Friendly staff and the food wasn’t bad.
  • Farmers Market: I love farmers markets! We stumbled upon a couple of farmers markets a few nights during our stay. They had different types of foods and desserts which was really neat! There was one vendor that was selling coconut milk and sugar cane juice. We tried the sugar cane juice and it was like eating grass with sugar added. Not good!
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise: The food was amazing and the price was reasonable! I highly suggest eating here! But they fill up quickly so you have to get there early!
  • MAC 24/7: This restaurant was located in our hotel. We dinned her a couple of times and it was always delicious! Their pancakes are AMAZING and HUGE! Loved this place!

img_3235Germaine’s Luau: Deciding which luau to attend was kind of difficult, but one day I was watching travel channel and Germaine’s Luau appeared, so I thought, this one sounds good to me! I reserved our spots online and since I booked 10 days in advanced they gave us a couple of coolers! They picked us up near our hotel and we traveled all the way to the West side with cousin Kii. She was very entertaining and made the long trip go by fast. The food and entertainment was perfect! I highly suggest Germaine’s Luau!

Transportation: People drive like maniacs in Oahu, so if you get a rental car bless you, but we decided not to. We contemplated on taking Ubers wherever we wanted to go but they were so expensive. We instead took the shuttle service SpeediShuttle. Amazing price with friendly clean drivers! I highly suggest using them. It costs $18 per person and they take you anywhere, that price also included round-trip. Whereas Uber costs $65 one way.

Honolulu Zoo: It was a rainy day and we had nothing planned so, after we ate lunch at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, we decided to check out the honolulu zoo. Now, as you know living in Nebraska I have access to one of the best zoo’s in the world, The Henry Doorly Zoo, but since we had nothing planned we thought we’d take a stroll. To my surprise their zoo was very nice and beautiful! All ages would enjoy visiting!

img_3255Snorkeling: OMG if you ever get the chance to snorkel please do! It was the best part of the whole trip! I actually got a Groupon deal for snorkeling with lunch provided with the company Sail Makani. It was so cool to swim with dolphins and sea turtles. The turtles get so close to you! You also get to see tons of colorful fish! We had a great group of people onboard, all ages ranging from 12-70. The staff was very nice and the lunch was great!

Pearl Harbor: Of course you can’t go to Oahu and not see the most historic breath taking place there. Pearl Harbor is absolutely beautiful. Words can’t describe how honored you feel walking through those gates and sailing on the waters that once devastated our country. Even though you’re just a tourist, you feel a sense of community and patriotism as you travel back in time.

All good things must come to an end, but being gone for a week, I was very happy to come home. As we were going through TSA at HNL, my husband looks up and says Britt look, and I was like what??! I’m over here franticly trying to get one shoe on while putting all my crap back in my bag and he says that’s Shaq. I’m like are you serious! Shaquille O’Neal was going through TSA the same time we were. My husband was star struck and so was everyone else, including the TSA officers. Everyone was taking pictures on their phones. My husband was so excited that he kept fidgeting back and forth trying to decide if he should ask for a picture. Finally, I said you will never have a chance like this again lets just ask him, and so we did! As we waited for our flight to board, everyone tired and wanting to leave, they call all first class people. You wouldn’t believe who started walking up to the ticket lady…Shaq again! He was on the same flight as us back to the main land! Let’s just say we had a better surprise on the way home than the way there.

We had a wonderful trip and hope to visit Hawaii again someday!



13 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Oahu

  1. I love that you wrote so many details about the trip. Your compassion, sense of adventure, and loving heart narrated all through your post – from a death on the flight, to your daily outings with travel tips and woes, to the surprise appearance of Shaq on the way home. What a delight to read. I hope you’ll do the same with your wedding ceremony. Well done!

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  2. I used to fly a lot and I’ve had plenty of crazy things happen on airplanes–but I’ve never had a fellow passenger die on the flight. Wow. That must have been disconcerting. And come to think of it, I’ve never been on a flight with Shaq either. You certainly didn’t have boring flights!

    Looks like a great trip. The fried calamari looks delicious!

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    1. Lol yea it definitely made for good conversation! Some people had no idea what was going on until after we got off the plane so a few of them were asking some of us what happened and were shocked to find out what had delayed us. My husband and I are foodies so it was fun trying new things!


  3. HI Brittany– sounds like you really had some adventures– and packed a a lot into your week there… Glad you got to share such a beautiful place– and that your’e happily back home. It sounded fun to find the farmers markets!! I had sugar cane juice when we lived in Costa Rica for a year and agree –not my favorite! — and besides all that! Merry Christmas!! hope it’s a sweet time for you all… xo

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